Miles removed, Johnny puts the finishing touches on his painting and Sally writes the final sentence to her new story. Moms tell them to go to bed. Lights go out, and in the darkness both Johnny and Sally shiver. Something is about to happen. They both know it. Out of the quiet, a creak comes from under the bed. Or maybe it’s in the closet. In a flash, blankets and sheets fly over each child’s head…

Yes, no kidding. There are monsters. They lurk everywhere. They attack. They sometimes win.

What are these monsters? They are our doubts, our negativity, our thoughtlessness. They feed off our fears like vampires. They live inside of and all around us.

The good news? We can win!

The monsters I’m talking about are many: the self-doubts and fears, negative people, not caring about the little and important things in life, and so much more.

Maybe it feels like a losing battle. NO! Writers never declare defeat!

What can you do? What so many wonderful, enlightened people of the past and present have said to us: be positive, be kind, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Cherish each day you wake up, each word you write, each smile you receive, each interchange with another person.

Your fingers, pencils, pens, keyboard are the lights that fight some of these monsters. Writing brings you joy—it’s your passion. Letting yourself experience joy spreads to others like the endless waves of the oceans, a never ending current.

Let yourself do the things that bring you joy. Defeat the monsters by thinking positive, by doing some kindness for another be it friend or stranger.

You can’t control what others do or are, but you can control your reactions to the world around you.

What do you choose?

To defeat the monsters or let them live and multiply?

Question for today: What can you do, TODAY, to defeat the monsters?

Best Wishes,


Monster Hunter