I watched the movie LOCAL COLOR about a teenage boy who wanted to paint and how he hooks up with an elder Russian painter. (The movie is based on the true life story Written by George Gallo.) My mom is an artist and I watched the movie to see if she might enjoy it.

The more I watched, I began to wonder. If painting is about seeing, what is writing about? As I quieted my mind the words came to me: painting is about seeing as writing is about being.

I wrote down those words and my mind flipped on me. What the heck does that mean?

I’m betting there are as many responses to this question as there will be readers who read this.  For myself, being is who I am. My true self. Not what I do, not the roles I play in life. Being is all about ME. The me that yeans to get out and exist in the world I live. Now effectively can I write if I don’t let me be me? My guess: not very well.

So I need to let the inner me, the real me, exist in order to become the best writer that I can become.

So if I can see as a painter and be as a writer, my world becomes a place that is full of life, adventure, characters, plots, and creations. I hope that each day I can write from this place of being.

Question for today: Ask yourself the question. Writing is about. . .?

Best Wishes,