January is behind us and we’re moving deeper into 2010. You’ve written your goals and looking forward to a new year of joy, prosperity, and being productive in exciting new ways.

But wait! How do you stay on track? What might you do so when approaching midnight on December 31, looking back over 2010, you’re where you want to be? Did you achieve your goals?

What you do now – THIS DAY – will determine what you find at the end of the year.

Having goals is not enough. Writing them down is a step forward. But what to do now?

How often do you review your goals? This is not only a reminder of where you’re headed, but it keeps you on track, keeps you focused on moving forward.

What are you doing (the small steps) to achieve your goals? How often will you appraise your progress? Don’t have a goal to cover this? It’s never too late to write new ones!

Another part of the appraisal process is to find ways to increase your focus on goals. If you’re slightly off track, adjust! What are your day-to-day actions that support your goals? Make a list of what you do daily. Check off which ones uplift your goals. Hmmmm. Are there things on the list that serve no purpose or not important in terms of your goals? (AND do REMEMBER that you need down time – time to relax, time for yourself. You should schedule this each day.)

What I’m talking about is spending the time you have in a way that benefits the meeting of your goals.

After you’ve appraised your process, remember to reward yourself for your progress. What will you do to celebrate your successes? Be creative, include others as part of your celebration, do something fun, something unique, and whatever you decide to do to celebrate, remember that YOU’RE A WINNER!


Step 1 – Have a written record of your goals

Step 2 – Regularly review your goals

Step 3 – Appraise your progress

Step 4 – Celebrate successes

And there’s one final thing that makes all this come to life. Stay tune next time to discover what the last, and maybe most important, step is on the way to achieving your goals in 2010 and for years to come. (Check back February 9th!)

Questions for today: After writing your LIST of daily activities, what might you do differently each day to help in the achievement of your goals? How will you celebrate your successes?

Best Wishes,