The last step in achieving your goals is not something you DO, but a way of being: ATTITUDE!

The DOING part is the first four steps. This last step—the BEING part—is what will keep you moving forward, what will keep you on track. This is not a physical step, but a SHIFT in your thinking. Some might need to shift more than others. To achieve anything in your life you must BELIEVE in yourself.

One way to help achieve this state of positive attitude and belief is to realize when you are not thinking positive about yourself, stop, and reverse that thought into something positive.


You’re working on a project, feeling frustrated at your progress, and the following thought seeps into your mind:

I can’t do this. I might as well give up.

As soon as you realize any negative thought, say out loud: “STOP!” Back up and rephrase to a positive statement.

I’m being challenged. I’ll take a break, come back, and work on this with a fresh viewpoint! I CAN make my daily goal of <fill in the blank>.

Did you notice something here? A few words can defeat us. Keep your brain and heart wrapped around positive thoughts! You’ll be surprised how far that will take you.

After you commit to the first four steps and working on those, step five is what will push you over the hill on the path you’re traveling. It’s much easier to accomplish what we want when we feel good about ourselves: IT’S ALL IN THE ATTITUDE!

REMEMBER: Words give us personal power and control. It’s the way to happiness and joy and achievement.

Question for today: I want to SEE and FEEL your attitude! Leave a comment that shows me your POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

Best Wishes,