WANTED – Writing Buddy. Must be passionate about writing, be actively working and learning, must be honest and share goals and dreams. Most important: Keep me on track and focused. Willing to do the same for the right person.

Do you have someone in your writing life who serves as a writing buddy? If not, consider finding one.

Here are some ways a writing buddy might be helpful:

  1. Having someone that understands what it is to be a writer. Since a buddy shares your writing interest and passion, you have someone with an understanding of what you are about.
  2. Keep you motivated
  3. Keep you accountable
  4. Keep you honest
  5. Share challenges and achievements
  6. Give and receive support and encouragement
  7. Exchange ideas
  8. Exchange knowledge
  9. Exchange writing dreams
  10. Bounce story ideas around
  11. Brainstorm possible characters and plots
  12. A million other things…Fill in the blank – whatever you need.

You and your writing buddy need to define what it is that you want from each other. Some decide that they will also critique each others’ writing. Others stay with motivation and goal tracking.

Exchange a few emails and/or phone calls to see if you are a “fit” for each other. Do a trial run for a few weeks or whatever time frame works for you and see if you are well-matched, working partners.

Other questions to consider:

– Do you need a buddy who has other things in common with you?

– Do you want someone who writes in your genre(s)?

– How often will you check in with each other?

– How will you do this? Through IM? Chat? Emails? Phone calls? A combination?

– Will you keep this relationship strictly on writing or do you want to share other personal things with your buddy?

– Try the following exercise to discover what you’re looking for in a writing buddy.


Create your own ad for the “perfect” writing buddy. What qualities are important to you? How might a buddy help you and what do you have to offer him or her?

Question for today: Post your ad for a writing buddy or share how you think a buddy might be helpful in your writing life. Do you already have one? Share your experience!

Best Wishes,