Do you have a nagging feeling that there’s something more you might be doing with your writing? Do you dream what it might be like to live the life you know you wish for?

NOTE: If you already know what you dream of doing, skip to step four.

So let’s get started! First, think about what it is you want. What do you care about most in the world? What things do you think most about? Make a list. Put anything and everything on your list that comes to your mind.

Step two: what is your passion? Most of you reading this might say: writing or something related to writing. Either way, make a second list of everything you are passionate about. Review your list and mark your TOP THREE passions.

Step three: review the second list and choose ONE ITEM. Can’t decide? Think about this: if you knew that this was the LAST DAY of your life, which of the three passions would you focus on?

Step four: make your dream in some concrete way: write about it, do a picture collage to show what your dream looks like, or find another way to make this REAL, to define what it is you want: talk to your writing buddy or a special friend, draw or paint what your dream is about, or make a list of feelings that you would experience.

Step five: define the time each day you will spend on your dream. This could be as little as three minutes or as much time as you wish. WRITE THIS DOWN: “I will spend ____ time each day working on my dream. Keep this with you at all times. Keep other copies in places you will see throughout your day: your bathroom mirror, beside your computer, on the kitchen table.

Step six: think of ways that you can start to move toward your dream. What can you do TODAY to start you on the way to your dream? THINK: “I have ____ minutes to do something that will help lead me to my dream.” What will this be? Maybe you decide to make a list of stories you want to write. Maybe you spend the ten minutes writing a new story or to work on an existing one. Maybe you write the beginnings of a plan for what you would do with your ten/twenty/sixty minutes a day that you will devote to your dream.

NEXT TIME: How to make each day a path to your dream.

Question for today: Now it’s your turn! I DARE you to share your dream. What can you do today to move you one step closer to your dream?

Best Wishes,