Last week we looked at ways to begin on the path to daring to live your dream each and every day.


First, think about what it is you want.

Step two: what is your passion?

Step three: choose ONE ITEM.

Step four: make your dream in some concrete way.

Step five: define the time each day you will spend on your dream.

Step six: think of ways that you can start to move toward your dream.

In continuing, let’s look at how to make each day a path to your dream.

Step seven: stay on tract. Sound easy? This is the point where many writers stumble. By nature, the actual act of writing is often a solitary pursuit. Below are some ways that might help you to stay with your dream. You don’t need to do each one, which might be overwhelming, as you want to have time for your own writing, so check out ones that appeal to you. This is not a complete list, but some ideas that many writers take advantage of in following their dream.

Writing Buddy

Having a special writing friend or buddy is a good way to make sure that each of you follow your individual dreams.

A few weeks ago, I posted here about having or finding a writing buddy. You can find the post here:

Writing Classes/Workshops

Take a class or workshop. Take one of each! Use them to expand your horizons and to stretch yourself in some way. These can be used to help keep you motivated to moving forward with your writing.

Local Writing Group

Consider joining and participating in a local writing group. This is a way to find writing friends and support. Many such groups also have critique groups associated with them. No group in your area? Consider starting one!

Online Writing Group

You might also benefit from a writing group that is based online. This group might have more flexibility and fit better into your busy schedule with the online format. You may have to give several groups a trial run before finding one that meets your needs.


Become involved in a few places online that offer activities and support for writers and includes editors, publishers, agents, and others on the business side of writing.

Writing Conferences

These are good places to network, meet new writing friends, and for learning.

Writing Goals

If you already have writing goals to move you forward, consider breaking them down in such a way that you do something each day that works toward your goals and your dream.


A mentor might be a published author, or someone in the publishing industry, who is willing to talk to you occasionally. Feedback may be given on various aspects of the writing life. The mentor might be willing to give feedback on your writing, but this can be time consuming, and might not be part of the mentoring.

Mastermind Group

A mastermind group can become another support system. With the right group you might find new perspectives, have built-in accountability, and help for where you need to grow.

Step eight: The June Pep Talk!

This is your dream and you don’t need to explain it or defend it. Take ownership of your dream and do whatever you can in moving toward it. No one can talk you out of it. You are in charge.

Stay around positive, focused people, others like you who are bound and determined to get where you want to go. One trait that successful people share is: persistence. Never give up and you are half way to reaching your dream.

To follow the path to your dream, you must be willing to commit to change. Yes, this is about being willing to make changes in your life and in yourself. You may have challenging days, but keep focused on your dream. Change equals growth.

Believe in YOURSELF! Dare to believe – and to dream.

Question for today: Again, I DARE you to share your dream. What will you commit to today to move you closer to your dream? I double DARE you!

Best Wishes,