We’ve all said at one time or another – I wish I had more time to <fill in the blank>.

Maybe the problem isn’t “time” but – priorities. Do I care enough about my fiction writing to put it higher on my priority list? Yes, I love teaching, editing, coaching, facilitating workshops and all the other ways I work with writers. BUT I also cherish my own writing time. Or, rather, I SHOULD.

Here’s my strategy:

I tend to do most of my writing on the weekends, along with editing, teaching/mentoring, coaching, and developing workshops and other classes. My writing usually gets squeezed around doing these other things. I’ve decided to refocus my thinking. If I’m going to complete the numerous novels I’ve started, I need more time and my writing needs to be higher on my priority list.

My plan is to take two solid hours in the morning when I first get up for my writing. No editing or doing other work. This is MY time. I’ll also commit to two solid hours every afternoon and another one to two hours at night.

TOTAL: 10 to 12 hours for the weekends

I decided to look at my normal during-the-week day and see where I could find a few minutes here and there to get more writing and writing-related stuff done. Here’s my list:

Waiting for the commuter bus

Waiting on the shuttle to work

Waiting on the commuter bus to go home

Take time after dinner for writing instead of surfing the net.

Take time after an hour of editing for others.

Quit doing work for others at 9 pm and take an hour for my writing.

TOTAL: approximately 2 hours a day or 10-11 hours a week

GRAND TOTAL (per week): 20 to 22 hours a week to work on my writing

Wow! I think I can get a lot of writing and writing-related stuff done in this time. Let’s see how quickly I can get my current novel finished.

NOTE: I hope these figures are accurate! I’m not a math wiz…But you get the point!

Question for today: Where can you use minutes or hours here and there from your day to focus on your writing? Share what you discover!

Best Wishes,