I write to create. Often creating in this way means that I might start with nothing or with very little. Maybe I have an idea for a story or a character who is begging to be included in a story. Writing is a passion that moves me to action.

Out of these specks, characters become real to me, with lives that point to a future, pasts full of experiences, and a full range of emotions.

The story takes me on a journey into a somewhat alternative reality of what might happen based on the initial idea or character.

Writing, for me, is making magic….Like the alchemist trying to turn metal into gold, I use words to make a movie in the reader’s mind.

The turn of a phrase, how I string my words, thoughts, ideas, and emotions come together to create something unique. Something of my own. Part of this process of creation and creating.

Yes, I write for the reader as I want him or her to live through every nuance of what my character is experiencing, but that has to come out of the depths of writing for ME.

Writing, building worlds (or universes, even), creating characters, plotting stories, and all the rest that this entails is like being my own boss, having my own business, being the goddess of that alternative reality. Writing fills a hole in the center of my being.

I will fade away with time, but the words that I put on the pages, those words that become characters and worlds, will live far beyond me.

Yes, writing is magical. Fun. Exciting. Creative work that I hope to enjoy for a long time.

Question for today: Why is writing important to you?

Best Wishes,