I’ve been thinking about the common things that each of us brings to our writing. These are the things that I am grateful to have in my life and each one helps me be a better writer. These things make up my personal writing toolkit.

Love of Reading – I don’t personally know any writers who don’t love to read. Maybe some don’t read as much as they would like, but they do love reading. Reading is another way to grow and learn. During the last couple of years I’ve included reading goals along with my writing goals.

Imagination – I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of imagination and how and why this works. For me, this is the magical part of my life and I try to stay connected every day to my imagination.

Curiosity – Curiosity is a cousin to imagination. My curiosity leads me to places I might not have otherwise journeyed, either in my physical life or in my mind and soul’s journey. It’s that spark that makes me love learning and makes researching fun instead of a chore.

Experience – My life’s experience is the foundation of everything I know and the alpha point of my writing. Every aspect of writing from characters, plotting, setting, and the finite details of description are born out of my day-to-day experiences (and yes, enhanced through my imagination).

Motivation/Will Power – I have the desire to move forward with my writing, the motivation to continue along this path that is self-fulfilling, and I have the will power to sustain me along the way.

Understanding of Self – My inner search of who I am and why I am who I am leads me to a better understand of all those around me. As I come to know ME at the deepest levels, I know others and this allows me to write characters that readers WANT to know through their stories.

Language – I’m blessed with feeling the words I weave together to come out the other end (through the mind and hearts of the readers) like notes are to a symphony.

Persistence – At some deep level, I KNOW that I cannot and do not want to move from the path that I’m on, that I will do whatever it takes to get my stories out to my readers. I keep on keeping on….

Belief – I believe in ME. I believe in myself as a writer, teacher, and coach.

Goals – I can set goals for myself and for my writing journey. I am the mistress of my plans.

Priorities – A close relative to goals, they work together in deciding what is most important to me and being able to make decisions that will move me forward on my life journey.

Time – I have all the time in the universe for what is most important to me. Along with my goals and priorities, time is my FRIEND.

Writing Group – I’m blessed to be part of a wise group of friends who make up my writing group, Artistic License. These writers are one of the constants in my life. They are more than friends; they are family. The support, comfort, understanding, and pushing is exactly what I need.

After looking over this list of tools that I can access at any time, I am reminded how truly I am blessed.

Question for today: What would you include in your own personal writing toolkit?

Best Wishes,