Here’s what I’ve been experiencing the past couple of weeks. I write all or part of a post and than that nasty little voice says: No one is going to be interested in reading this….

So I stop working on that post and begin another one. Again, I get into the writing and that same little voice revisits me: No one is going to want to read this…

You get the picture. I ended up writing parts to six different posts and didn’t post any of them.

I tried to dispel that nasty little voice, but I didn’t seem to be able to get rid of it. I’ve been living in a time loop that kept repeating. I felt that that guy in the movie Groundhog Day. ()

Thursday night was my regular chat with my online group, Artistic License, and the question was given: What’s the one question about writing that you’ve been dying to ask the group.

And you can guess what topic/question I brought up. The group asked me a lot of great questions and they got me thinking. Sometimes I’m a bit slow, so it wasn’t until today that I had my “ah ha!”

Instead of trying to dismiss that nasty little voice, what would happen if I embraced it? Let it be, and ask it questions. So when I began thinking of what to say for this post, you got it! The little voice shows up. This time I listened and then asked questions. Why might others not be interested in this? What’s “wrong” with this topic? What do other writers want to read about?

And guess what? The more questions I asked, the smaller that voice got. And finally it just disappeared. So here I am, writing this post. No nasty little voice interrupting me.

Sometimes I have to be reminded that if something isn’t working instead of doing more of the same thing, the trick is to redirect and try something different. Sound easy? Maybe for some, but this seems to be a lesson I need to be repeated ever so often.

So here’s the long overdue post. And I’ve learned – well, actually relearned—a great lesson. Isn’t that what life and writing are all about?

Question for today: Have you recently had a writing challenge? Feel free to share!

Best Wishes,