It happens before you barely get the words out of your moth: I’ve decided. I will live my dream.

Mine: I will live my writing dream. Step One: Begin the process to work from home. I’m now officially working remote one day a week. Small, and a step forward. I’m also working on building a passive stream of income.

Then it happened.

FEAR: It’s a silly idea.

ME: I WILL do this.

FEAR: You can’t. Not for a million reasons.

ME: Yes, I can. I will.

FEAR: It will dissolve into thin air, just like your other ideas.

ME: <wavering> Hum. I….Well, like what?

FEAR: You’ll end up losing your house, the cats and dog will go hungry, and your dream will be flushed down the toilet.

ME: That’s crazy. I can make money from my writing. Turn my workshops materials into ebooks. I’ll have more time to finish my novels, have more time to do more workshops and classes…

FEAR: You won’t do it. I know. You’ll never make it to the next steps. This is foolish. Just do the day job. It pays for all you need. All you could want. And for your retirement. You can’t defeat me.

ME: <standing taller> Forget it! I can face my fears. I don’t have to defeat you.  I can use my fears to make me stronger. Throw it at me. I will do this. I will live my dream.

Round One: Me!

And I know fear will return. I’ll be ready. The Universe will send me reminders. Like this morning. I was flipping channels when I ran across a movie called “Revolutionary Road.” I don’t know what made me stop, but I did. The wife was explaining to her husband that they should be doing something to make a difference. She proposed they give up their lives in suburban 1950s America and move to Paris. She would work a government job and he could take the time to figure out what it is he really wants to do. Fears and challenges fight again this idea. They fight back. (NOTE: I didn’t watch the whole movie, but understand it has a sad ending. For myself, I hold onto the dream, the possibilities….)

Fears are not something to overcome. Do you know how much energy that takes? I chose to take that energy and put it into my dream. I will use the energy that fear throws at me to propel me forward to what I want.

When faced with fear the body becomes alert, the mind sharpens. All of this makes one ready. Ready to meet the challenge. The energy from the fear is used, taken in, and helps in overcoming what is before you.

Fear gives the energy necessary for moving toward our dreams.

Fears and the resulting challenges make me stronger. A strength I need to move me forward. A strength I crave in living my dream.

It’s a learning process for me, and I will stumble, never losing sight of my dream.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience

In which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You are able to say to yourself,

“I’ve lived through this horror.

I can take the next thing that comes along.”

You must do the think you think you cannot do.

–          Eleanor Roosevelt

Challenge for today: Think about ways you can make use of your fears to provide the extra energy needed to live your dream. First we have to recognize the fear(s). Have a conversation with yours. Write it down. Share some of your journey if you wish.

Best Wishes,