Now, to work. I’ve been pondering: What is it I want to focus on next and how do I get there?

The dream: To work from home

The structure: Take small steps

Where I am: Planning stage and moving toward development

Brainstorming ideas:

Turn workshop materials into ebooks

Teach more workshops and classes

Edit more author manuscripts

Write articles

Finish one novel and get it published

Blog more frequently

Build my writer’s platform

Finish a second nonfiction book for writers

Expand the Live Your Writing Dream newsletter

Consolidate multiple websites under one umbrella (a Marilyn idea – she’s in my online writing group)

Then I ask: Which of these might have the biggest payoff for me?

I love the idea of passive streams of income and took a course in this earlier this year. Marilyn (in my Artistic License writing group) also mentioned this as a good marketing tool in one of our group chats. I’ll be converting my workshops into ebooks. I’m also interested in writing some ebooks to help writers overcome issues: time management, writer’s block, getting organized, how a creative person can survive the publishing business world, etc. Once I’ve developed and have some of these set up, I’ll need a marketing plan to get them out to writers.

Another area where I’ve been having success is giving workshops, so I’ll focus on developing more of these. (And then turn them around into ebooks.) Last week I proposed a workshop called Nonverbal Communication for Writers and it was accepted. I’ll be teaching this one next summer. (Another month that is filled!) I’ll also look into teaching more classes.

The third thing I’ll focus on is finishing one novel. I have one that 2/3 completed. Need a final critique from the writing group, a submission package, and then the decision about a publisher. I chose this one as one of the top three because, while I do have nonfiction, short stories, and poetry published, I need a fiction novel for added creditability.

My priorities:

  1. Create and market ebooks
  2. Finish a novel
  3. Explore other places where I might teach workshops

Where I am:

  1. Four ebooks based on workshop materials are close to being completed
  2. Scheduled at least one workshop per month for the rest of 2010 and 2011, except for a couple of months in 2011
  3. Scheduled to teach a year-long fantasy novel writing class starting January 2011
  4. My novel, MURDER IN D MINOR, is 2/3 completed.

Next steps:

  1. Finish one ebook over the coming weekend
  2. Explore where and how to market/sell the ebooks
  3. Plan time to work on the novel, MiDM, at least four days a week, completing 5000 words a week
  4. Find and contact organizations about offering workshops or classes. I can propose ones I’ve already developed.

Wow, I have a plan of action. So for the next week or so, I’ll concentrate on staying focused on my plan and keeping ACTIVE. I also hope that by exposing other writers to my process and my journey that I’ll inspire some of you to work toward living your own dream.

No retreat. No turning back. My hands are at work today and my feet are pointed toward tomorrow.

Challenge for today: What’s your dream and your plan? Maybe you’re the type of person who jumps right in or maybe, like me, you are moving forward with baby steps. What works for you?

Best Wishes,