Yes, it’s here again – NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short.

I’ve been working on the continuation of a fantasy story- working serial title: ShroudWorld. The first novel is LOGAN’S LAMENT, the first of four novels in this story world. (I have around 160,000 words from previous NaNos.)

I’ve been writing – by hand – in between other activities and work. If you are a friend on Facebook, you might have seen that I got tired of seeing ZERO as my word count so I upped it to one, and yesterday to two. I’ll post my actual word count after I type up the pages I’ve written.

Last night I saw at the NaNo website that we could upload a book cover. Cool! I had not created on for LOGAN’S LAMENT, so I did a quick on and uploaded it. I also wanted to share it with you here. (Hey, maybe I’ll add it to FB also!)

I hope everyone who is participating in NaNo this year is having fun!

Please feel free to share your experiences here.

Happy Writing!