What a discovery! (Or maybe re-discovery is a better word.) As I step further out of my comfort zone, I’ve discovered my writer’s sanctuary. I knew it was there; I’ve always known this. BUT. But now it’s REAL.

This is a place that has developed over time, separate and apart from my childhood comfort zone. My sanctuary is a place that the comfort zone only promised to be. Where the comfort zone wanted to keep me safe and secure, my sanctuary wants me to grow and experience, to take chances. Where the comfort zone wanted to keep me inside and used fears to keep me “safe,” my sanctuary wants me to go where I need to go, explore my fears, even if I fail in some of the challenges that I will face. The comfort zone wanted me to exist. My writer’s sanctuary wants me to LIVE.

I FEEL and EXPERIENCE the difference between these two spaces. Realizing my sanctuary makes it impossible to venture deep back inside the comfort zone. I might straddle the edge of the comfort zone while growing stronger in my sanctuary, but I can’t look into the depths of the comfort zone for my future.

Sanctuary can be:

A place to re-discover yourself

A place to experience peace and harmony

A place to be still and listen

A place of transition

A place of learning

For each of us, Sanctuary can look different. I might vision mine as a old, Victorian mansion, full of rooms which have individual purposes. Your sanctuary might be a beach, a mountain lake, the universe, darkness, a desert, or anything.

You hold the key to your sanctuary. No one else can enter without your freely given invitation.

Here are some parts of my sanctuary as it exists today. (Sanctuary is ever evolving.)

A library – Where I can access knowledge with the ultimate search engine.

A media room – Where I can experience or see any part of my life: past, present, or future.

Healing room – Devoted to health and well being.

Dress rehearsal room – Where I can try out new things in a safe environment.

Play room – Need I say more? We all need to play to be healthy and happy.

Dress-up room – Remember dressing up in grown-up clothes when you were a child? This is a place where I can be anything I wish.

I am supported, uplifted, and challenged. My sanctuary enables me to move forward in life and with my writing, to explore, experiment – TO LIVE. (Yes, it encompasses my entire life, not just my writing, and it’s there to offer whatever I might need – including challenges.)

Oh yes, there will be many challenges to face and ones that I might not necessarily want to at the time they present themselves. But I will move forward.

One other thing that is an important part of Sanctuary: the celestial teacher. (Other names for this might be master teacher, master instructor, mentor, guru, etc.) More about this next time.

Challenge for today: Describe your Sanctuary. What can you envision your Sanctuary doing for you?

Best Wishes,