So I finally typed up my handwritten notes, transferred my out-of-the-house typing from my AlphaSmart Neo, and I have a new word count. WAHOOO! (And yes, I’ve also been typing late at night from my laptop.)

18,382 of words down and 31,618 to go as of last Thursday.

Plans for this weekend: NaNo writing.

I’m still behind, but I give myself some leeway because I didn’t start my NaNo writing until November 12th.

What an incredible experience it is once again to be pushing myself to work on this fantasy series. And this story is perfect for NaNo as it seems to be writing itself. I have an idea of where all the characters are and where they are going, but the words come out and surprise even me. And what is this about? This new character that just put herself into Doyle’s life? A ghost who can shift herself into the physical form of a stray dog? Now, this scene is getting interesting in an unexpected way.

Happy Writing!


QUESTION: Have you had an unexpected event happen during your NaNo writing?