It is the supreme art
of the teacher
to awaken
in creative expression
and knowledge.
– Albert Einstein

Whether you realize it or not, someone or something, whom I will call the “Master Mentor,” has always been with you. The Master Mentor (MM) is your ideal teacher, knows you inside and out, and knows everything you need in your life, including what you need to learn. Not only the ultimate teacher, the MM understands the best ways you can learn.

I see my Master Mentor as a wise elderly woman. (Well, I must admit that sometimes she’s a young girl, and once in a while appears to me as a man who’s middle aged. But mostly she’s a silver-haired woman who is kind, patient, and a bit pushy.)

The MM is not something you need to create because the MM is ALWAYS with you. Has and always will be. You couldn’t get rid of him or her if you tried your three wishes to do so.

That’s right – your MM is with you ALL THE TIME.

No type of judgment is going on here. The MM has your best interest at heart at the deepest level imaginable.

If you’re not already familiar with your MM, you only need to discover him or her. How do you do this? One way is to use your Sanctuary (see Part 7). Create a room, setting, or space and invite your MM to join you there. Another way to connect with your MM is to open yourself to deep listening – quieting yourself and opening up to the magic that is all around you.

When you first meet your MM, it will be like meeting a long-lost friend. Someone you feel totally comfortable with and whom you can connect on the deepest possible level. (And I must give a bit of a warning here, as you may find your Master Mentor has a rather strange sense of humor. At least, I’ve found that mine does. By the way, I once asked her about a name, and she said I would find one that suited her. She was right, and I often call her Ms. Kara. I don’t know why, exactly, but it fits her when she appears as the elder woman. As a child, she’s Emily and on the rare occasion of the middle age man, he’s simply Mr. Z.)

You can ask your MM anything you wish. You can bounce ideas off your MM or have a brainstorming session. Discuss different possibilities and options with him or her. And the key for working with you Master Mentor? Listening. That’s right – listening. You wouldn’t ask for directions and not listen to the response, would you? So listening is also important when you’re with your MM.

My Master Mentor is helping me with staying motivated and focused on transforming some of my previous workshop material into ebooks. Since September, I have five about ready to go live. My MM also inspired me to complete NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) this year, although I didn’t start working on this until the month was well underway.

I’m never alone. I know there’s someone there who I can always count on, no matter what, just like my good friends and the wonderful gals in my online writing group, Artistic License.

Your MM can play many roles during your life:








When I re-discovered my Master Mentor, I knew that my writing dream was not only achievable, but that it was closer than I realized.

The MM is, like your Sanctuary, another aspect of your ultimate toolkit on your path to realizing your dream.

Challenge for today: Share your experiences with your Master Mentor.

Best Wishes,