Last time we looked into rewriting and recreating your manuscript as you move through the revision process. You might want to send this revision back to your writing group for feedback and revise from this critique round. After you’ve made all your revisions, you sail into the final part of the writing process – formatting the final manuscript.

To recap:

Catching the idea

Evaluating the idea

Growing the idea

First draft


Reading the draft

Re-vision and self-editing

Critique group feedback

Rewriting or recreating

More revision

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Final manuscript

Finally! You’ve completed the revision process and you’re ready to format your final manuscript. Congratulations! You reached the final stage of your writing process. You can type “THE END” on your final page.

There are plenty of articles and books available to show you how to format your manuscript in getting it ready to sent out to publishers or agents.

The biggest trick here is to made sure that you follow the submission guidelines for each agent and publisher. They might have slightly different requirements than what you’re read. (And I’m NOT going to summarize those formatting requirements.)

At this time you should also have your writing group critique your query letter and synopsis, if you have not already done so. And you may find that some agents and publishers might want other information, like a marketing plan or back cover blurb or a book teaser or tagline. Be ready to give them anything they want. And remember that you can have your writing group critique any of this also.

Each time you get ready to submit your manuscript, double check the formatting requirements and the other pieces of the submission package that are required by the publisher or agent. Some publishers no longer require a query letter, but they are probably in the minority. More and more, I’m seeing requests for marketing or promotional plans.

Make a list of agents and/or publishers and decide the order in which you’re going to send out your finalized manuscript. Some people suggest that you send out multiple submissions at one time, even if the publisher or agent request this not be done. You make your decision and go for it. One hundred million percent. This is your time to be sending out, sending out, sending out.

Have a plan in mind and go for it. Keep a list of agents and publishers, when you sent out your manuscript, when you expect to hear back, and the outcome of each submission. You might want to track other information, such as how much you sent if you used snail mail and other associated costs.

No matter how many rejections you get, KEEP SENDING OUT YOUR MANUSCRIPT.

This is the end of your writing process journey, and the beginning of a new and even more exciting journey. Are you ready?

Question for today: When you have finalized your manuscript, what is your submission PLAN?

Best Wishes,