Do you dream about writing and selling a book? Do you fantasize about your life as a successful writer?   Do you wish you could take a great writing course like Your Fantasy Novel – Start to Finish in One Year with P. June Diehl but can’t quite come up with the tuition? We’re certain that 2011 will be an excellent year filled with great opportunities, plenty of publications, and realized dreams! To start things off, we’ve got a contest for you!The Win a Free Scholarship Contest to Your Fantasy Novel – Start to Finish in One Year with P. June Diehl is just what you need to make your dreams come true.Entering the contest is simple.

First, write the opening scene of a fantasy story (1000 words or less) using the following first lines as your prompt:

Jaz glanced into the semi dark alley after escaping from her BMW. Drat. Zombies. Not what she needed at the moment. How would she explain this to her new boyfriend?…

Second, complete your contest submission with a personal statement (200 word or less) explaining your strategy for success in 2011 and why you should win the scholarship.

Third, check your entry for any personally identifying details and remove them.

Fourth, submit your completed entry here

Don’t wait to long to enter! The contest is limited to the first 25 entries! So enter now!

First Place Winner: 12 mo. paid tuition in Your Fantasy Novel – Start to Finish in One Year with P. June Diehl

Second Place Winner: $25 workshop gift certificate for use on

Third Place Winner: $15 workshop gift certificate for use on


1. One entry per person.

2. Anyone may enter this contest who is over the age of 18, regardless of Savvy Authors membership status.

3. Opening Scene Entry must be 1000 words or less and can be a full or partial scene.

4. Opening Scene Entry must use the lines listed above, but does not have to be from a completed manuscript nor the manuscript you’ll work on in the SavvyU course if you win.

5. Reason for Winning entry must be 200 words or less and should explain why you deserve to win a place in P. June’s class.

6. All entries will be judged by P.June Diehl.

7.  Judging criteria will be based 50% on submitted scene (originality, voice and crafting) and 50% on included 200 word scholarship essay. Entries are sent “blind” to Ms. Diehl for judging and do not contain any personal information. Judging is solely done by Ms. Diehl and is entirely subjective. There is no official scoresheet.

8. Please remove all personal details from your contest entries!

 WHEN: January 15, 2011 (THIS IS THE DEADLINE!)