What a week! And it’s only the beginning of an exciting new year. After I looked back over 2010 and everything that I accomplished– and the things that will float over to 2011 – I decided to write my visioning of 2011. Here’s what my year looks like:

For the first time, I’ll be teaching a year-long novel writing class (and working on a proposal for a mentored class on writing young adult and middle grade fiction). My heart sings at all the new novels that will be completed during the coming year.

Another first for me: I’m working to transform some of the workshops I’ve taught over the past couple of years into ebooks. I should have the first ones ready by the end of March.

I plan on finalizing a novel and submitting it before the end of the year. In the mean time, I hope to write and sell a few short stories in advance of the novel. (Yes, they will be tie-in stories to the novel’s story world.)

Between teaching workshops and classes, I’ll continue my own education through the Writer’s Program at UCLA.

I plan on attending a couple of writing conferences and look forward to meeting writers in-the-flesh.


I’m also making a list of things to watch out for – the kind of things that come along and make me want to run for my comfort zone. Two of the biggest things I need to be aware of are the fear of change and of doing something new. Along with this list, I plan on journaling any reason(s) that the obstacle is trying to prevent me from doing what I WANT to do.

This is my plan for keeping focus and moving forward in 2011. (Just like what a writer does in creating a story – keep the focus and keep it moving forward: GOAL, CONFLICT, RESOLUTION!)

My new vision is not only focused outside but into the inner ME. Not only can I RE-VISION what I want this year, I can also RE-VISION ME.

My mantra for 2011: New adventures fulfill my heart, challenge my mind, and feed my soul.

This list should help me to continue to take baby steps in venturing out into the new world of 2011.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of manuscripts to review and edit during the coming year. Maybe one of those will be yours!

Challenge for today: What is your vision for 2011? Share yours here!

Best Wishes,