After stepping—yes, baby stepping—out of my personal comfort zone, I’m acutely aware of my fears, their voices, and their impact on me. Sometimes they are needed, such as we learn as young children when we’re told to look before crossing the street or don’t touch the stove. These are good fears, ones that are meant to help us.

But. Most of the time the fears suffocate instead of protecting, working against instead of for us, keep us from enjoying new experiences or living fully.

When I am AWARE of the fear and its motivation, I can decide if it’s a fear I should listen to or one that I need to shift from. I can decide. Me. I. Choose.

I choose the following:

When I’m aware of guilt, I will use this energy to change myself for the better.

When I’m hurt, I will remind myself what a caring person I am.

When I’m angry, I will take the energy of this emotion and become an agent of change.

When I’m discouraged, I will use this to shift it into finding the courage I need to move forward.

I will not let fears, after evaluating them, have power over me. I will listen to the voice of fear and become aware. I will see its true nature and shift it down a different path. I will shift it, mold it, and take it into me, to use, in a way that empowers me.

It will not keep me from living my dream, from taking the baby steps that I need to move outside my comfort zone.

Once I am aware of my fears and what appropriate actions I will take as a result, what’s next?


I forgive others, living inside their own fears, for helping me to stay inside my comfort zone.

I forgive my friends when they stood in my way, acting like enemies.

I forgive myself for treating my true friends, trying to support me, trying to draw me forth, as enemies.

I forgive myself. For everything.

I forgive.

If I cannot forgive, I am reinforcing the walls of the comfort zone.

Forgiveness is also about LETTING GO. If I expend energy in not forgiving—others and myself—that is energy removed from seeking to live my dream.

MOVE from letting go to loving.

Love everything. Everything in the universe: fear, anger, joy, courage, guilt, loving  … All of this: It is life. LOVE LIFE.

First there is awareness, the courage to forgive, and the ability to fully love.

This puts me on the road to living my dream.

Challenge for today: What have you discovered on your own journey about awareness and forgiveness? Share if you wish…

Best Wishes,