The funny thing about goals is that you have to keep on top of them constantly. This requires energy. Many times goals make you look at your behavior. The other side of this is to also change your mental attitude in alignment with your new behavior.

Without both a behavioral and mental change, you might be setting yourself up for failure.

Your dream is powered by your entire being and realized through the goals you set for yourself. When you use your gifts, talents, and hard work you are on the journey to realizing your dream.

This power – your personal source of empowerment – is something everyone can access. Many people give it away or deny this in some way. Some might be afraid to make use of their own power.

When we see ourselves as powerless, we cannot journey toward our dream, In the absence of personal power, fear lives and grows. When you embrace your person power you:

Can achieve goals

Are enthusiastic

Are optimistic

Experience heightened energy levels (which is needed to achieve goals!)

Are confident

Experience positive self-esteem

Are able to achieve your dream

Brings happiness

Create the energy behind success.

Do you see a pattern here? Yes! All of these things involve POSITIVITY. (Some call this kind of power “synergic power.” The other kind of power – “Coercive power” – is out of negativity – fears, frustration, and leads to hate, violence, and more fear. This is the kind of power that robs others of their personal power. “Synergic power” is used WITH others. It is cumulative – it grows as it is used, embraced, and shared.)

When we walk in negativity, we create a reality of feeling powerless, helpless, and inertia.

“Weakness corrupts and absolute weakness corrupts absolutely.”

–Stewart Emery

People who take control and misuse power are not powerful, they are frustrated and impotent. They are using force, not power, and this is a form of aggression, not authority. People like this are enslaved by their own insecurity and are hurt by their own actions, in addition to the destruction they do around them.

Being human is all about making choices. We choose jobs, friends, where we live, what we eat, relationships… Of course, there are other things that we don’t have any say in, things that are controls by the decisions of others.

But we do have many choices, and those can and do alter our lives. When we make choices we are using our person power to, hopefully, enrich our lives and those around us. Helplessness is the opposite of power. (Hitler made choices. As did Gandhi.)

Your power is with you always, even if you deny or give it up. You might think and feel that it is gone, but that is far from the truth.

Power is like your soul, your mind, your heart. It is ATTACHED. You might not know or feel it, but it’s ever with you.

Power is giving in nature. It is woven into what makes you ALIVE, into the energy that makes you YOU.

Goals are temporary things that you use on your way-to-your-dream journey. Your personal power is part of your life force—that which energizes you on your journey to realize your dream.

The combination of working toward your goals and embracing your power creates the fuel that moves you toward your dream.

Are you ready to embrace your power?

Write a statement that summarizes your dream. Put this somewhere you see it several times a day. Take it or keep it with you. Read it often.

Share your dream with those who can and will support you.

When you are in touch with your power tell your mind to “record” what it feels like so you can come back and bring your power forth at any time. (Yes, it is ever with you, but we sometimes forget this, so this “recorded memory” is a trigger.)

Visualize yourself living your dream.

Take actions to move you along the path that leads to your dream.

Be grateful for your dream and your journey. Makes lists—often—of things you are grateful for.

Embrace your power. Learn to recognize it. Write and journal about it.

Share your gifts and talents with others. Do this out of your honest desires. This is fuel for your power and is a form of power recognition.

Remember always that your power and taking ownership of it and for it is part of LIFE, part of who you are. It’s the fuel to realizing your dream. Embrace it! Often! 

Challenge for today: What are ways that you can take ownership of your personal power?

Best Wishes,