A couple of months ago, a package arrived, and I couldn’t remember what I could have possibly ordered. Then I saw the label and torn into it. It was the angel that Joan said she would make and send me. She had previously asked me what my favorite color was – green. Yes! It was the angel that Joan created for me, all carefully wrapped and wearing green.

She was beautiful – both the angel and Joan, a special person, friend, and one of the wonderful people at ePress-Online.

Joan Pulver died in her sleep Monday night. I will miss her.

I am lucky and honored to have met her in person at the EPICon the year it was held in Virginia Beach. Even though she was on oxygen and often times not feeling well, she had more passion and energy than many of us. She was always thinking of others and dedicated to writing and writers.

My heart goes out to her family and friends. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Now, I have two angels watching over me.

Best Wishes,