I Know You, Resistance! – Steps to Overcoming What’s Stopping You


“The more important a call or action is

 to our soul’s evolution,

the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”

–Steven Pressfield (from his book, DO THE WORK)

We all do it, no matter if we’re on our journey to realizing our writing dream or we’ve achieved some measure of success on that journey. We all face RESISTANCE. It’s another form of fear (remember those Doubt Demons?), and it can lead us astray.

Resistance is a tricky demon. It comes in many forms and flavors. Each of us has to be open to knowing when resistance is keeping us from our dream.

I’m guessing that most who read my blog are writers and you’ve made writing your dream. Writing is your passion. (If it’s not, you need to know what your dream is in order to overcome any resistance. Pressfield suggests that the one that you should choose to pursue is the one that “scares you the most.”)

Resistance is also explored in THE ARTIST’S WAY by Julia Cameron (in Week 8: Recovering a Sense of Strength).  She talks about the ways we avoid our creative endeavors, such as:

  • I’m too old to do this.
  • What would I accomplish?
  • I’m too busy.
  • There are other things I should be doing first that are more important.
  • I have to do many other things to get ready to follow this dream.

Once you recognize the “resistance talk” that is stopping you, you can take corrective action to overcome this.

Think baby steps. Think daily, small actions and goals that you can do to move you beyond the resistance talk.

Think small in order to achieve big. Show up EVERY DAY to get your writing done.

Rely on the help and support of your writing group and writing buddy. Get support for your dream wherever you can find it. (If you have negativity in one place, leave it behind and drift to the positive side and positive people.)

Maybe you need a mentor and a formal class to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Once you’ve formally stated and defined your dream, think about it from inside that dream. Think of the question within your writing dream: Of all the things that you might do with your writing, what’s the one that scares you the most? (This gives you another clue about the focus of your writing journey.)

Go forth! Show the “resistance talk” a thing or two!

DO THE WORK by Steven Pressfield, author of THE WAR OF ART, is available for the Kindle at Amazon. Currently this book is FREE! Don’t delay in getting and reading your copy. If you don’t have a Kindle, download the free software to read the book on your computer or other device.

Challenge for today: What is your dream? What is your “inside the dream” dream?

Best Wishes,


A Challenge – The Push


What would happen if you pushed yourself to go that extra step or take that risk? What would happen if you encouraged someone else to do the same?

We all get comfortable where we are. Don’t get me wrong. That CAN work. But what more might be accomplished by taking that step away from our comfortable place, by taking that risk?

Before thinking about what you might push in your own life and as a gift for someone else, watch this video.


Wasn’t that amazing?

What can you do TODAY to push yourself or take a risk? And remember to give the gift of the push to someone else. Dream. Commit. Do.

If you decide to use this to move your writing forward, how might that look? Maybe you’ll decide to write every day. Maybe you will dig out that neglected manuscript and get working on your revision. Maybe you’ll take that finished manuscript or short story or article and submit it.

Go for your dream. It might be a baby step or a bigger one. DO it.

April is half over and I have not yet revised the opening of my novel-in-progress. I’ve been THINKING about it, and now is the time to DO. I want to begin posting it to my online writing group before the end of April. I need to push myself. Today, I will rework the beginning scenes of MURDER IN D MINOR.

Bump your life up to the next level and encourage at least one other person to do the same.

Challenge for today: Push yourself in some way and find a way to push another. Share, if you wish.

Best Wishes,


The Dreaded Doubt Demon


You are sitting on a hard, wooden chair with your hands on your computer keyboard. The light fades. It’s so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

A rough voice whispers in your ear….

Your writing sucks.

You’re not good enough.

You know nothing about story structure, plotting, or making characters do things that make sense.

No one would ever publish your writing.

And if you did manage to find a publisher or self-publish, no one will buy your book.

And if someone does buy your book, they aren’t going to like it….and they WILL let you know.

And if someone does buy your book, they aren’t going to like it…and they will tell everyone they know, the news will travel around the world seven times, and all your future stories are doomed…

You should save yourself before you have to endure all this rejection and criticism. Better to just give up your writing….

This thinking is from the Dreaded Doubt Demon. All writers have them. Published. Unpublished. It doesn’t matter.

Instead of listening or taking ownership of what this Demon is telling you, turn it around – take power – and shift the statements.

Look that dreaded doubt demon in the eye and shift every thought he’s ever tried to make you believe. (If he tries to get too nasty, laugh in his face. Go ahead. You can do it!)

He might laugh, growl, drool, or otherwise try to distract you in some way. JUST. DON’T. LET. HIM.

Your writing improves all the time.

You are AWESOME!

You are learning everything you can about story structure, plotting, and creating a character who connects with the reader.

You will find a publisher your writing.

Readers will buy your book.

They will let you know what they like about it. (And with all things subjective, some will like it more than others. And you have the strength, wisdom, and insight to handle those who don’t like your work.)

The reader will tell others about your writing, and you will get additional sales and fans around the world.

You will NEVER give up your writing dream.

If you need some support in overcoming your dreaded doubt demons, you might try:

Your writing buddy

Your writing group

Friends and family

Anyone else who is positive and supportive.

And if you need some extra special support on top of this, you can always resort to whips, automatic weapons, and chocolate. *GRIN* (I admit it. I’ve probably been reading a LOT of urban fantasy.)

Challenge for today: What are some of you Dreaded Doubt Demon statements that get you down or make you think of giving up your writing dream? How might you SHIFT those thoughts? Feel free to share!

Best Wishes,