You are sitting on a hard, wooden chair with your hands on your computer keyboard. The light fades. It’s so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

A rough voice whispers in your ear….

Your writing sucks.

You’re not good enough.

You know nothing about story structure, plotting, or making characters do things that make sense.

No one would ever publish your writing.

And if you did manage to find a publisher or self-publish, no one will buy your book.

And if someone does buy your book, they aren’t going to like it….and they WILL let you know.

And if someone does buy your book, they aren’t going to like it…and they will tell everyone they know, the news will travel around the world seven times, and all your future stories are doomed…

You should save yourself before you have to endure all this rejection and criticism. Better to just give up your writing….

This thinking is from the Dreaded Doubt Demon. All writers have them. Published. Unpublished. It doesn’t matter.

Instead of listening or taking ownership of what this Demon is telling you, turn it around – take power – and shift the statements.

Look that dreaded doubt demon in the eye and shift every thought he’s ever tried to make you believe. (If he tries to get too nasty, laugh in his face. Go ahead. You can do it!)

He might laugh, growl, drool, or otherwise try to distract you in some way. JUST. DON’T. LET. HIM.

Your writing improves all the time.

You are AWESOME!

You are learning everything you can about story structure, plotting, and creating a character who connects with the reader.

You will find a publisher your writing.

Readers will buy your book.

They will let you know what they like about it. (And with all things subjective, some will like it more than others. And you have the strength, wisdom, and insight to handle those who don’t like your work.)

The reader will tell others about your writing, and you will get additional sales and fans around the world.

You will NEVER give up your writing dream.

If you need some support in overcoming your dreaded doubt demons, you might try:

Your writing buddy

Your writing group

Friends and family

Anyone else who is positive and supportive.

And if you need some extra special support on top of this, you can always resort to whips, automatic weapons, and chocolate. *GRIN* (I admit it. I’ve probably been reading a LOT of urban fantasy.)

Challenge for today: What are some of you Dreaded Doubt Demon statements that get you down or make you think of giving up your writing dream? How might you SHIFT those thoughts? Feel free to share!

Best Wishes,