What would happen if you pushed yourself to go that extra step or take that risk? What would happen if you encouraged someone else to do the same?

We all get comfortable where we are. Don’t get me wrong. That CAN work. But what more might be accomplished by taking that step away from our comfortable place, by taking that risk?

Before thinking about what you might push in your own life and as a gift for someone else, watch this video.


Wasn’t that amazing?

What can you do TODAY to push yourself or take a risk? And remember to give the gift of the push to someone else. Dream. Commit. Do.

If you decide to use this to move your writing forward, how might that look? Maybe you’ll decide to write every day. Maybe you will dig out that neglected manuscript and get working on your revision. Maybe you’ll take that finished manuscript or short story or article and submit it.

Go for your dream. It might be a baby step or a bigger one. DO it.

April is half over and I have not yet revised the opening of my novel-in-progress. I’ve been THINKING about it, and now is the time to DO. I want to begin posting it to my online writing group before the end of April. I need to push myself. Today, I will rework the beginning scenes of MURDER IN D MINOR.

Bump your life up to the next level and encourage at least one other person to do the same.

Challenge for today: Push yourself in some way and find a way to push another. Share, if you wish.

Best Wishes,