Yesterday is but today’s memory,

and tomorrow is today’s dream.

–Khalil Gibran

You know what is said about “tomorrow” – “Tomorrow never comes.” Yes we do only have TODAY. (We can plan for our tomorrows, but I’m talking about what we make of our today.)

The “putting off” syndrome not only doesn’t get our writing (or whatever we’re putting off) done, it can leave us feeling: guilty, sad, depressed, overloaded, and exhausted.

Do you see what’s happening? First we put off something important to us and then we feel back about our actions (or lack of). So now we have the knowledge of what we haven’t done AND our feelings going against us. And this makes it easier the following day and the day after that to repeat this process.

We all need a wake up call! ASK YOURSELF: What am I’m waiting for?

And you probably came up with many answers:

When the kids are grown and out the door…

When I retire….

When I have more time…


STOP! Write down all those “reasons.” Now DESTROY that paper. Yes! Tear it up. Burn it. Flush it. Or whatever. Put those things behind you.

I’m here to tell you something important: You only have today. Today only happens once. DO your writing TODAY.

And when you wake up into a new TODAY. Repeat the above.

Success is however you define it: Big goals, everyday goals. It’s your definition of “success” that counts.

Recipe for Success:

Start with your DREAM. (This is one measure of your success.)

Break it down into SMART goals.

Break those down into BABY STEPS. (As small as you need them to be.)

The goals and baby steps are another measure of your success.

Devise a plan.

Follow the plan.

And when you repeat this for every TODAY you have, you’ve achieved your dream. You have SUCCEEDED!

BUILD success into your life and your TODAY will have meaning beyond what you might expect.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

–Albert Einstein

Challenge for today: How can you be successful every DAY? What about TODAY?

Best Wishes,